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Super Foods, Super Fruit and Super Greens

You've probably heard this buzzword being used. 
So, what is great, and why they are good for us?

Overall, a great is one that contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and nutrients such as protein, good fats and fiber. Are considered to contain high levels of, and are full of natural phytonutrients. In addition to the high levels of nutrients are also higher food sources because they contain less than what could be considered "bad." For example, saturated fats or artificial additives.

As technology has progressed in recent years, evidence of the super has been shown that high levels of nutrients, but in many cultures, science does not need to prove anything the knowledge of superfoods is inherently local and forwarded generations. There are fruits and vegetables that are now considered "super" that have been consumed for generations that the abundance of health benefits provided was anecdotal known in their culture. Science is monitoring these historical claims and safeguard what has always been known.

Journal of fruits and vegetables in our diet are necessary to provide all the nutrients and the best thing is to select a range and include a variety of colors, we are taught at a young age the importance of "5 + a day" the Directive. As fruits and vegetables provide nutrients that are excellent sources of fiber. Especially eaten unpeeled. regular consumption of fiber helps keep your digestive system regular and support the efficient removal. Having irregular bowel movements, or poor colon health can affect our lives in many ways only symptomatic feelings of bloating, fullness, wind and feeling generally uncomfortable.

Superfoods can add to your diet to help boost your 5 + a day. Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber, but they do not provide good fats, this is where superfoods can occur in. For example, there is a small purple berry super bright which is still valid, acai ( a-sigh-ee) Berry is responsible not only vitamins and minerals, but also can provide natural and beneficial fatty acids provides an abundance of antioxidants. Therefore, it can protect all the cells against oxidative damage.

Others are super fruits acerola berries, elderberries, blueberries, which have also been studied to show that contain compounds that support immunity, contain powerful antioxidants and support healthy cholesterol levels in the benefits health. The acerola and rose hips contain particularly high levels of natural vitamin C

But it does not stop there in brightly colored berries that look like enough, there are a number of "super green foods" out there too. These super green foods are still grown in popularity, more and more try to include in its range of products such as health benefits are recognized. These aids "green", to name a few, including spirulina, chlorella, barley grass, wheat grass, spinach, broccoli and other algae that provide essential fatty acids.

These leaves have higher overall benefits, which are full of goodness and nutrients that provide help to increase energy, support heavy metal detoxification and immunity. A closer look at spirulina, blue-green microalgae that contains a phytochemical phycocyanin unique. Phycocyanin is responsible for the blue color of this micro-algae. This nutrient helps to strengthen our immune system, supporting its ability to operate in spite of the efforts of environmental toxins and infectious agents. But not only what he does, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant too. Another nutrient that Spirulina contains significant levels is iron, which makes it an excellent vegetarian source of this mineral.

Unfortunately, in this day and age people often eat diets that move your body to be more alkaline is acidic. When the body is too acidic can lead to conditions such as joint pain, poor skin, reflux, bowel irregularity. Common foods that form acid contain caffeine, alcohol, meat, white bread, sugar, fried and processed foods. Foods that lend themselves to being alkaline are fruits and vegetables, these foods help restore the pH balance of the body. One of the main SuperGreens can have a positive effect in helping to barley grass is alkalizing.

Adding superfoods to your diet should not be long and tedious. It can be done easily with tablets or capsules practices. Or which may be great, including a wonderful smoothie in your diet at some point during the day. Watch ready to mix / mixer superfood blends, but can be as easy as in a shaker. Or what about the great mix of favorites with a little powder SuperGreen, add a little plain yogurt, ice, splashing water or juice and other ground flaxseed. Delicious!


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