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Kyolic Aged Garlic – Good things take time

Aged garlic can significantly reduce blood pressure Garlic is good for more than just coughs and colds

When people think about garlic as natural medicine, they think of immunity. There is a reason for the association: Garlic has a long history of helping to fight coughs, colds and other mild respiratory infections. Raw garlic contains sulfur compounds soluble in oil are not only responsible for its pungent flavor, but for its anti-viral and anti-fungal anti-bacterial properties. In addition, because garlic has anti-inflammatory effects, which can help fight against inflammation of an overactive immune system can create.

These same anti-inflammatory properties in addition to its antioxidant effects of garlic are an excellent choice to maintain heart health and cholesterol balance too.

Now, a new study shows that aged garlic extract may help lower blood pressure

A recent study (November 2012) (1) clearly shows that aged garlic extract - a specific type of garlic - can significantly reduce systolic blood pressure. The three-month study, double-blind, placebo-controlled study involving 79 patients who were on GP hypertension medications (high blood pressure) is not controlling your blood pressure levels. Patients were randomly assigned to one of four groups: take 240mg, 480mg or 960mg of aged garlic extract or placebo.

The results were spectacular. A 480 mg per day, the blood pressure levels of participants significantly (p = 0.006) reduced by an average of 11.8mmHg + /-5.4mmHg. To put this into context, the reduction in blood pressure of 10 mmHg can reduce your risk of heart disease by 16-40%.

What is aged garlic extract and why is it different?

It is important to note that this study was conducted using a very specific type of garlic: the aged garlic extract. Aged garlic extract is a unique ingredient created by the natural aging of garlic organically grown under controlled conditions for 20 months.

The process converts a portion of the hard and stable compounds of sulfur based raw garlic oil, in a toilet, stable water-based. These compounds are responsible for the characteristic smell of garlic hard pungent, and digestive problems that raw garlic can cause in some people. They are also those who believe garlic breath and the smell of garlic on your skin.

In addition, the aging process creates some beneficial compounds simply not present in raw garlic. One is known as S-allyl cysteine, and researchers believe that it is the compound behind the benefits of blood pressure of aged garlic extract.

How to take the aged garlic extract

Because age capsules of garlic extract comes in handy, it is very easy to take. Just two capsules daily with food will give the same dose of 480 mg of the study participants were successful. If you actively fight a cold, or your immune system is under pressure, you can even go to three capsules per day.

Most people find that they can take aged garlic extract obtained easily without garlic breath or digestive problems. However, because some digestive systems are more sensitive than others, naturopaths recommend always take it with a full meal.

Anyone can take the aged garlic extract?

Garlic is a remedy herbal 100% natural and safe for most people. However, if you are taking prescription medications (especially anticoagulants), consult your doctor. Garlic has anticoagulant properties that may increase the effects of these drugs. And if you have an upcoming surgery scheduled, you should stop taking garlic for at least two weeks before.


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