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Detox Cure: How to do it?

Objective well-being (and possibly weight loss)!

Detoxification detox here and there ... We often hear of detoxification. But what exactly is it? How does it work?

You feel tired, irritable? Maybe it's time to start a detox. This allows the organs (liver, lungs, kidneys and skin), which should eliminate wastes from our body eliminate toxins that have accumulated due to stress, pollution and poor diet. Weight loss is not the goal of detoxification, even if it is often a consequence.

Put your fruits and vegetables!

Some detoxifying foods, such as lemon combined with a glass of warm water for breakfast, celery, artichoke eating raw or cooked ...........
fruits and vegetables in general, preferably organic agriculture.

Green foods contain chlorophyll, also great for detoxifying the body. Green tea, black tea unlike, to consume without moderation.

Instead, you should avoid - as expected - coffee, alcohol, soda, sugar, white carbohydrates (sugars Full prefer) and, of course, all fatty foods and meals. Also limit your intake of animal protein.

Make a sport

Detoxification treatment may be followed by a few days or weeks, but it should not take more than two courses a month every year. It is also recommended to set upon a change of season, to meet your pace.

Also the practice of a sport such as running or biking. To start the program, select a time of rest, since the weekend, during which it will be easier to adopt your new eating habits.


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