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Flying By the Pound: a Pilot’s Perspective

 With the rising cost of all types of aviation fuels, commercial airlines are always looking for ways to pay the bill. Of course, the most accessible source of cash is the long line of passengers waiting in long lines to fly to different sections.

Airlines have added and labor rates, tested both and move on to something else, but now they have finally crossed the line in the sky and added fees based on weight? Occupants.

Samoa Air, a small regional carrier serving the islands of Samoa in the South Pacific, became the first to raise its fees based on the weight of passengers, cargo heavier customers a higher price entry.

Passengers are asked to enter your body weight and the weight of your luggage when booking the flight. Prices range from $ 1 (Australian) per kilo on short flights to $ 4.16 per kilogram to the longest between Samoa and American Samoa. Passengers and their baggage are weighed when they come to the airport to ensure they are still accurate.

"We have to Samoa Air maintaining fair rates, charging only our passengers weight," says the company website. "The more weight your bags is what you pay. Simple".

In an interview with ABC Radio, CEO, Chris Langton (which seems to be the cheapest), also stressed that it was only as a matter of economic justice, and noted that "no additional cost in terms of excess luggage or anything - it's just a pound is a pound is a pound. "

That evokes the phrase "a calorie is a calorie is a calorie", and I guess generate the same reaction!

"We will design the aircraft so that the passenger pays more for its weight becomes," said Langton. (I suggest that planes are more spacious areas with a higher price when the first large passenger problem .)

Every driver understands the logic of this bill weighted. Just after fuel on board the aircraft, and the time will fly above plan is a major cause of accidents and deaths.

With my long involvement in general aviation, thinking about the costs associated with weight has nothing new to me. More load, the amount of fuel required for the flight, the higher cost for the trip. Smaller aircraft like the fly have always had a payload limited in the amount of weight as well as fuel, which can safely.

In the list of elements that must be in possession of the pilot during the flight weight and balance data of the aircraft. This is not a minor consideration. Many aircraft accidents have been attributed to general aviation aircraft overloaded!

Bharat P. Bhatta, Professor of Economics at University College, Norway Sogn og Fjordane, looked at a pay rate Price per weight and concluded that "the model can be technically and economically feasible to implement and its correct application can bring significant benefits to airlines, passengers and the general public. "He admits, however, that" the nature of the pricing model is potentially contentious. "

Once I had the educational experience disputes with the weight on my plane. I invited a friend to go on a tour around the area. He was about 5 feet, 7 inches and 185 pounds maybe. He asked if his wife could come, and without thinking, I said, of course! When presented at the airport, it was close to 285 pounds. I did not want to ask your current weight, but my clinical experience, I knew I could make a suggestion. I felt the arrow can handle a high load, well distributed, and did, but the performance of the plane fell and decided, even if the feelings are involved, I never repeat my mistake. Now, always ask in advance the size of a person if you have not seen before, I invite you on my plane.

This is not prejudiced against fat people is the weight and balance and the effects of these two factors controllable insurance and a plane in the sky. The point of view of the driver, the weight of the object is, whether a person or a rock. BMI did not influence: 350 pounds is 350 pounds regardless of whether the person is five feet tall and seven feet high.


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