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How Social Media Affects Weight Loss

We all know that exercise and diet affect our weight loss. Most of us are aware that things like the environment, at the genetic and stress can also have an effect. But have you ever thought about how social media can affect the amount of weight to lose? It is not surprising that social media can have a huge effect on weight loss, either for better or for worse.

As illness and disease can spread through a small working environment, ideas and health habits can spread through social networks. However, unlike the spread of disease transmission in social networks can be spread over hundreds of people across thousands of miles. There is no limit to the diffusion of ideas or health habits.

In the Framingham Heart Study, researchers found that if a brother became overweight during the study, the other brother had a probability of 40% increase also become overweight. This could be due to genetics. However, the same increased likelihood of obesity was found between the spouses. It is also possible that spouses often share the same meal schedule and exercise routine. The amazing thing about this study, however, was that if a friend became obese, the study participants had a chance to 57% greater obesity. Friends do not share the shared genetic routines or schedules or exercise, certainly not enough to justify the increased risk of obesity.

This study shows that it can be much more influenced by their friends and colleagues than we realize. Scientists suspect that what people perceive as normal and acceptable is influenced by social media. So if friends, colleagues and acquaintances through other social media gain weight, then we can see that more socially acceptable. You can see the weight loss natural, even inevitable. Instead of constantly to maintain weight, could succumb to "pressure" of social media and simply join the winning weight group.

In addition, there is also evidence that social media can work the other way-encouraging people to lead a healthy lifestyle and body weight. Social media users regularly download your exercise routine, health goals, diet or regulations in a public social network have a greater chance of success. There is much more of a sense of belonging and responsibility to achieve the weight loss when shown publicly. In addition, users who are constantly creating health goals can have the same effect on the social media "friends" as described above. Lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, it now seems acceptable and attractive. If a friend is to lose weight steadily and track your weight loss goals, chances are much higher than the study participants will also be a healthy lifestyle.

In short, what is posted on their social media sites compared to the weight loss makes a difference. So if you are considering, for example, how to start a biggest loser at work, consider social media strategy weight loss, too. The images you see others either thin or obese affect the way you perceive yourself and others. Sites such as weightlosswars are a great strength of mind. Enjoy your membership to this site! Use the people around you who share your goals as a motivator. Encourage others to their competition for the weight loss, and often post on the adventures of health. All these things are designed to increase your success rate of weight loss. Remember, you can not win, you can lose or together.


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