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7 Ways to Fight Cold and Flu

Catch a cold or flu is not fun. But it turns out that you can have a good time trying to prevent these diseases.

Many easy to use, easy as action has been shown to give the immune system a boost. So that means a stronger immunity that you have a better chance to resist any cold germs and flu circulating at this time of the year. View seven ways you can boost your immune system now.

1. Enjoy a massage to fight a cold

Massage - already given by a strong military loved one or a proposal - more to loosen the muscles. Helps reduce cortisol (also known as the "stress hormone") and increases the immune response. In Cedars-Sinai study, 2010 healthy adults who received Swedish massage regularly for five weeks was found in the blood to have a significant increase in cells, disease-fighting white blood cells.

Other research shows that other forms of contact, such as hugging and holding hands, they also reduce stress hormones.


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